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  • Environment

    STR Builders prides itself on its environmental and sustainability credentials, view below for more information.

    gallery1Water Sensitive Design

    • Using AAA rated dual flush toilets, taps & showerheads
    • Landscaping with water wise plants, mulches, soil conditions
    • Utilisation of tank to catch rainfall and to be used as grey-water facility to run external taps, toilets and laundry


    gallery2Solar Passive Design

    • Building orientation, with living areas facing nort
    • Shading and protection of window
    • Grouping similar rooms together
    • Using appropriate building materials for thermal comfort
    • Insulation & Ventilation.


    Energy Supply

    • Installing energy efficient lighting, solar hot water, smart power meters
    • Using renewable energy sources
    • Selecting energy efficient white goods, appliances


    gallery4Environmental impact

    • Utilisation of silt fencing to control disturbed soil and potential silt run-off
    • Consciousness of waste & use of efficient materials



    “Here at STR Builders we take sustainability seriously”


    What is WEL’S?

    WELS is Australia’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. Lables show a star rating and also a water consumption or water flow figure. The less water used, the higher the star rating. Tapware, showerheads and toilets all have different maximum ratings.

    Tapware can be a maximum of 6 stars.

    Toilets can be a maximum of 5 stars.

    Showerheads can be a maximum of 3 stars.

    See www.reece.com.au/sustainability for more resources and tools to help you save water.

    Information source: The Sustainable Bathroom Guide Reece


    Every home that is constructed within NSW is required by law to have a complying BASIX Certificate. BASIX is a web based tool mandated by the state government to ensure that housing within NSW is built in a sustainable fashion.

    While some project builders try to keep these measures to a bare minimum, here at STR we comply fully and with common sense solutions. You can be assured that we will comply fully with any requirements needed.